About that Furtherance Part: Connecting Volunteers to Nonprofits

So far I have talked about donations, fundraising, spreading awareness, and making effect use of Twitter. This post I’d like to look at what technologies out there that do something a little bit more than that.

I was curious if there were any  organizations that applied directly for workers. I came across several sites that allowed for facilitation of workers.

The first of which is VolunteerMatch. This organization allows for people to list causes they are interested in and matches volunteers to organizations in their area. Their twitter is mostly reminding people to volunteer but it would be cool if they could tweet jobs by locations.

Another organization I looked at was VolunteerSpot . This is the site that a charity in my area ComeUnity Cafe uses. It helps with the practical side of volunteering with tasks such as collecting forms, scheduling shifts, sending out reminders, and enabling people to donate.

Speaking of ComeUnity Cafe I checked out their Facebook page to see how they were using it. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it ComeUnity Cafe it is “a nonprofit cafe serving mostly organic, locally sourced, seasonal foods to all, regardless of means to pay.” Someone can volunteer to make lunch and then be served the meal they helped prepare after the shift free of charge. The editor of the Facebook page often posts jobs that are available or when they need volunteers. He or she also frequently posts the menu for the next day or thanks donors for the food they have provided.

All of these options are a interesting look at how people are communicating and reaching out in the digital age.

Questions? Comment? Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @MollieTranum.


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