Looking at What I Know: Awareness and Donations

For a class project  I am looking at the implications for social media as related to nonprofits. This blog is a big part of that and as I dig deeper into the social media nonprofit world I hope to give some tools, tips, and realizations for those looking to see what part social media can play in a nonprofit but also as an educational resource for students such as myself.  I will look at some examples of nonprofits as well as the different models out there.

For my first post I want to look at what I already kind of know about social media and nonprofits and that is the awareness/donation method.  As the world moves more and more online many nonprofits are jumping on the band wagon and using social media as a vehicle to raise funds and awareness. This article by The Nonprofit Hub highlights some  excellent use of social media by organizations like the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Water is Life. Most people are very familiar with the first two organizations but may be drawing a blank on the last one. How did this organizations make it on a list with the so called big boys?

With a video like this.

Most people are familiar with the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems and Water is Life capitalized on the already popular phrase in this powerful video. By using Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube Water is Life got out their message and were able to put a link directly to their donation page.

They were able to spread awareness and incite change by using what one Water is Life Representative called a hashtag killer. The Rep goes on to state ““We call it hashtag killer. Not just an attempt to end a hashtag, but to use social media to affect a real change in our world.”

Social media clearly has a strong pull in our world today. The question is to what extent should nonprofits be involved in social media? The organizations listed above had some great campaigns, but what are the long term implications? Does this type of campaign have longevity? Or is it like the medium being used? Limited and always competing for the next big thing.

I love social media and thing it is a great tool but I am interested in exploring both the strengths and limitations of social media in nonprofits.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Let me know in the comment box below or on Twitter @MollieTranum.



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