Social Media: A Strategy Not a Shot in the Dark

Now that I have discussed several topics regarding social media and nonprofits I’d like to clarify my definition of social media. I have  discussed some social networks, social bookmarks and social video sharing sites and to day I’d like to share about strategizing social media presence. But first things first my definition (and by mine I mean my lovely professor Mrs. Ashley Blair). Her definition is forms of electronic communication through which user create online profiles. Pretty vague huh? That’s because the term social media is actually a lot broader than some may think.

An illustration.

social media infographic

Source: Council for Nonprofits

This infograph is a look at the scale of what social media entails. If you’d like to have your mind blown check this out. What is the point of me showing you this? To make you freak out and realize you aren’t doing enough? No! I point out these different types of platforms to show the different ways of getting your nonprofit out there. Is it possible to reach all of these platforms well? Probably not. However, by picking key platforms from different parts of the wheel there is a much higher likelihood of reaching a broader audience.

So before you start randomly making a Facebook page consider some key points first.

1. Know the goals of your social media presence. Do you want to spread awareness? Update followers on what is happening? Promote events? Knowing what you want to do before hand can help you pick the most effective sites to use.

2. Keep a consistent presence. While it is important to update regularly, I mean it is important to keep the content of your posts on the same level. There is nothing wrong with using one site for multiple uses but keep it organized or follow some sort of pattern so your viewers are less like to get confused.

3. Make your platforms transparent. No I don’t mean as in opaque. I mean social media allows people to connect on a level they other wise may not be able to. Use your platforms to humanize your nonprofit.

Using these tips can transform a nonprofits social media presence. For more helpful advice check out this article.

Questions? Comments? See something you’d like to add? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @MollieTranum.


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