Apps For Giving Part 2

So if you missed Part 1 you should check it out! For those that are just joining us last post I discussed some limitations and some strong models for apps that involved charitable giving. This time I’d love to look at what  apps are out there for those who can’t afford to make an app or hire a marketing team.

So let’s look at some apps! After combing through several top five  posts I though that I’d make one of my own. Here are my Top 3.

1Fundly. This is pretty cool it is similar to Kickstarter in its fundraising process. The basic version is free and is great for a small nonprofit that wants to do one campaign at a time. They do charge  4.9% +3% credit card fees but that includes
Cross Posting Integration via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, & Blog, Real-Time access to funds, and Mobile Optimized Pages. It could definitely be nice for those who are just getting started.

2. Razoo. Razoo is also involved in crowdfunding and allow you to set up a page that can be accessed anywhere. Their pages are mobile friendly and they also have several widget options that can be set up on blogs. The app lets you streamline the process by managing different accounts, accessing contacts and mailing them directly from your phone, and share on social media. Razoo provides charitable gift receipts, electronic payments, no monthly fees or setup costs. They charge a 4.9% transaction fee.

3. I Can Go Without. One of the most common excuses from potential donors is the phrases I just don’t have the money. Which for some is 100% true but for others their cash flow is more misdirected than unavailable. This is where the app comes in.  As a nonprofit you would need to register with the company and they would prompt users to donate to you. A little less aggressive, this would probably work best in conjunction with other tools. Basically this works like a money manager that prompts people to make small donations in lieu of frivolous purchases. Aka skipping the Starbucks this week.

These are all interesting concepts in a technology that is pretty young. It will be interesting to see how these models develop and where fundraising will go from here.

Questions? Comments? Anything that you would add to my list? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @MollieTranum.