This post I am going to look at some online resources that I found that have been helpful in my search for how social media interacts with nonprofits. Some of the most helpful resources that I have found have been the blogs. Some of them are closer to more traditional side while some lean more towards a website format.

The first one I found was Nonprofit Hub. This website has multiple contributors that post quick and helpful tips on a variety of topics. They has a lot to say about social media and you can search tags to find articles that are relevant to you. They site their goal is to “educate and empower nonprofits” and they are part of the Digital Community Foundation.

Another blog that I found very useful was Bloomerang’s blog. Bloomerang is a company that helps nonprofits, fundraise. In their words “We have pooled together the latest in best practices for fundraising, loyalty, engagement, and retention to create a simple donor database solution that helps nonprofits decrease donor attrition and increase revenue.” The blog section of their site has many helpful tools and tricks as well as some free downloads.

A third blog that I found immensely helpful was the Nonprofit Tech for Good. This blog is awesome. It is very easy to read and well organized as well as very connected to the social media world. There are specific tags for Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn , Mobile Media, Youtube, Fundraising and Webinars.

These blogs are helping bring the internet community together and showing that it can be harnessed for good. By connecting resources from hundreds of professionals these blogs give a comprehensive look at some very helpful tips for running nonprofits.

I chose to look mainly at blogs integrating social media but this list has a number of helpful resources too.

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