Pinterest for Nonprofits?


Source: Pinterest

If you are like me you may be a little late to jump on Pinterest. I was hesitant that I might end up wasting way too much time there. So when I finally made an account I was surprised at how much was on the site. I figured it was mostly for things like clothes, recipes, and home decor tips. So when the term social bookmarking was thrown around I was surprised it included Pinterest.

Also if you are like me at this point you are going social bookmarking? What is that? Social bookmarking is a way to organize or manage bookmarks for online resources on the web. So by pinning to a board you are bookmarking a site for later.

Now that we know what social bookmarking is why is it important to nonprofits? Are people even using it that way? The Answer is yes. Many nonprofits are on Pinterest and here’s why.

1. It increases Traffic. Pinterest was named the world’s fourth largest referrer of website traffic. With that kind of traffic  awareness  will be much further reaching than some more traditional methods.

2. You can Fundraise. There is now an option for retailers to put a price tag directly in the corner of a picture so people can buy directly off of a Pinterest link. Which leads me to my next point…

3. It is one of the most trusted social media sites. According to a survey by BlogHer outside of blogs Pinterest is the most trusted platform beating out Facebook and Twitter. When getting out information or fundraising trust is a huge deal especially if  a nonprofit is in its infancy.

4. There are many ways to utilize it. There are many great ways to utilize Pinterest including thanking donors, selling merchandise, updating donors on what is happening with your nonprofit, and showing the history/brand of your nonprofit.

Pinterest is a great tool for marketing that is much cheaper than using some other resources. When used correctly it can greatly enhance a nonprofit’s presence on the web.

Questions? Concerns? Did I leave anything out? Comment below or hit me up on Twitter @MollieTranum.