The Roles We Play


Source: EAW

This post I want to talk about the various roles that nonprofits use social media for. The internet and social media have made a huge impact on the world as we know it today and there are many ways that nonprofits are utilizing the world wide web.

One of the first ways and probably one of the first ideas to jump in your head is fundraising. Fundraising and social media have a long history together compared to some of the items in this list. There are many companies, apps, and articles dedicated solely to fundraising or organizing a nonprofits funds.

Another facet of social media use is awareness. Many of the sites that pop in your head when you first think social media are very popular for promoting or spreading awareness for a cause. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are very popular for spreading the word about causes and nonprofits.

An increasing trend is creating online resources or how-tos for nonprofits. These blogs and websites are collecting resources for volunteers, directors, and workers alike showing nonprofits all kinds of skills from how to get started to how to market themselves effectively.

Now, there are also sites that connect volunteers to nonprofits. Sites like Volunteer Match allow someone to type in or search a cause they care about in the city they live in and find a nonprofit where they can volunteer. Possibly some of the newest ways that social media is being used for connection is through disaster relief. Organizations like the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) are using tweets and other social media data to MicromapMicromapping involves many people doing a small task. Anyone can become a MicroMapper because there are no special skills or a large time commitments required. People use apps called clickers to help do tasks that are still better suited to be done by humans rather than machines.

Social Media has been integrated into practically every person’s life in one way or another and now it seems to have found a home in nonprofits as well. Is it a good idea to integrate nonprofits with social media? To what extent?

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